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Agile Enterprises

In business today agility seems to be everybody´s darling. Almost every company is keen to become faster, more responsive and innovative – or is at least talking about it. What do we have to do though, in order to go beyond mere rhetoric? Loop helps you to create an organizational design that addresses your biggest challenges by using your current strengths wisely and enhance the potential of your employees. Building on state-of-the-art concepts and tools you achieve more and more business agility.

Based on Siegfried Kaltenecker’s new book about self-organizing enterprises (English version to be published in October 2017), our experts help you to:

  • Start withwhat you do now, deeply understand your biggest challenges and identify want you can build on to master them;
  • develop an agile design for your organization based on good practices of more than 40 agile enterprises;
  • learn why agility is not about teams and methods but a tailor-made system of agile interactions throughout your company;
  • focus on customer value by inspecting and adapting your current work processes;
  • improve the current system of feedback loops within your organization as well as with your customers;
  • establish a framework to encourage self-organization and responsibility on all levels;
  • apply an evolutionary approach to foster effective change.

Line managers and coaches who want to realize the vision of a responsive as well as innovative company – and understand that this can only be achieved with the help of their employees.

Agile enterprises call for agile change management. Therefore our coaching experts act as flexible as possible. Our iterative approach makes sure that we stay focused on your biggest challenges and establish a co-creative spirit between managers and coaches.