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Facilitating Workshops

A workshop is a professionally facilitated meeting of different experts to achieve results that make a difference.

      The focuses of a workshop are concrete goals such as:

      • A joint strategy for the business year, a powerful vision or corporate values;
      • Team retreats to work on selected topics, kick-off of a new project or strengthen the collaboration across different business units;
      • Retrospectives to distil lessons learned from past experience and plan for a better future;
      • Large-group meetings to address challenges across teams, business units or even competitors.


      The common goal of a workshop is to improve – regardless of its respective content, participants or context. To achieve this goal we apply state-of-the-art methods and focus on transferring our results into the daily business from the very beginning.

        In order to facilitate a successful workshop, we take care of a few cornerstones:

        • A mindful preparation from clarifying the specific goals to set the right boundaries and methods;
        • Intense collaboration with key stakeholders to create the right agenda;
        • Setting the stage of the workshop by determining the time table, seating order or equipment needed to cover the agenda;
        • Facilitating in a process-oriented manner focusing on both goals and people;
        • Encouraging open exchange to clarify differences and find common ground;
        • Inspecting and adapting what is going on to foster a culture of continuous improvement;
        • Agreeing on strategies and action steps;
        • Running follow-ups to evaluate what has been achieved so far and define further improvement measures.