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Team Building

For us team building means to professionally establish and continuously improve effective teamwork. Wherever teams are starting from in terms of goals, set-up and context, their members should get to know each other better, clarify expectations and build as much common ground as possible.

Professionally prepared, facilitated and followed-up team building, offers you a broad variety of benefits:

  • a “starter kit” for new teams to set goals, clarify boundaries, agree upon rules, build trust;
  • a catalyst for effective collaboration;
  • an opportunity to practice team work in various exercises (both indoors and outdoors);
  • a special service to reinforce existing strengths and resolve problems;
  • a laboratory for continuous improvement.

New project, product or service groups as well as existing teams seeking for feedback as well as fresh ideas for improvement.


The content of a team building workshop will be specified together will all relevant stakeholders. After having defined the objectives of the process together with the sponsor, we normally also conduct a series of short interviews with all team members. This way, we are able to provide a tailor-made programme to work on.