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Why organisation consulting?

When you are dancing as fast as you can, attempting to proceed at an even more rapid pace is not the solution. Temporarily, you need to slow down, take a break and find another place to observe the dance floor. Slow down long enough to rethink systems for accomplishment. Create fresh perspectives to chart a new course, devise a different path, or craft an innovative way of proceeding.

    In a nutshell, organizational consulting is a professional service that assists businesses in slowing down, mindfully reviewing and effectively changing both structures and processes if needed.

    The idea behind working with organizational consultants is to make the best use of their external views and experience. The focus of this work can be as diverse as follows:

    • strategic development or alignment;
    • implementation of a new management approach, e.g. agile;
    • process improvement, e.g. becoming more lean;
    • innovation, e.g. by applying design thinking.

    Regardless of their diversity, these focuses have one thing in common: they are about managing change effectively. Whether it is doing things in a better way, following a new path, adopting innovative technologies or implementing agile management procedures.

    As a catalyst for change, organizational consulting is driven outside-in, i.e. the process of aligning an organization with its marketplace – and doing it more responsibly and effectively than competitors. To achieve this goal:

    • we provide a clear framework for solving existing business problems;
    • we help you to determine the priorities, timing and sequencing of your change effort;
    • we stick to our experience that each organization has its own capacity for change – you cannot necessarily do it all at once. When it comes to managing a change initiative, don´t be like the fellow who jumped on his horse and rode off in all directions;
    • we advise you on good practices for creating and leading enterprise-wide change efforts. We have seen what works and what doesn’t.