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Flight Levels Coaching

The problem is that most coaches focus primarily on individuals and teams. Applying the Flight Levels Model calls for organisational support though. For helping the whole enterprise effectively we need at least three capabilities. 1. a systemic understanding of coaching that can cope with different levels of complexity 2. social skills to foster open communication and trustful relationships. 3. a set of tools and techniques to drive change.

  • You want to build your Flight Levels Coaching on a solid concept of professional help
  • You want to know why the Flight Levels Coach is supposed to be a generalist who can quickly change from being a sparring partner to acting as facilitator, trainer or consultant.
  • You want to strengthen your current know-how in various exercises.
  • You want to explore why the path from contact to contract is essential 
  • You want to learn how to effectively engage with individuals (such as your flight levels sponsor), small groups (such as the change team) and large groups (such as 20+ experts who coordinate themselves by using a flight level 2 system)
  • You want to get fresh ideas on facilitating stand-ups or retrospectives on various flight levels.
  • We create common ground for a coaching approach that resonates with the Flight Levels Model
  • We update your current coaching expertise
  • We enlarge your set of tools and techniques
  • We help you to better deal with social and emotional dynamics
  • We provide tried and tested tools – and help to use them with the right attitude
  • Definition: What Flight Levels Coaching, chameleons and Dr. Dolittle have in common
  • Start with yourself: Why your Emotional Intelligence makes or breaks your coaching
  • Systemic loop? (A short manual for myself)
  • Basic techniques of coaching: Systemic Questions, active listening, open feedback, key messages
  • From contact to contract: How to build your FLC on explicit agreements
  • Emotions in FLC: How to create psychological safety and build mutual trust
  • Coaching different coaches: individuals (such as your flight levels sponsor), small groups (such as the change team) and large groups (such as 20+ experts who coordinate themselves by using a flight level 2 system)
  • Coaching different interactions: Stand-ups and Retrospectives