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Kanban Essentials

This 4-hour-workshop provides a solid introduction into visual work management. After the workshop, the participants are able to decide whether or not Kanban is the right approach to address their current problems as well as future challenges in their organization. 

This kick-off helps you to

  • understand what evolutionary change management is about;
  • jointly identify key areas for improvement;
  • check whether or not Kanban is the right thing to apply;
  • learn about good practices and benchmarks from other enterprises;
  • provide basic information about Kanban to a broad audience. As experience shows, information and understanding are the first steps to build a momentum for successful change.


The workshop addresses both hierarchical and informal decision-makers, leaders and subject matter experts – in fact anyone who is keen to focus on less work-in-progress and more business value. A good mixture of line managers and key players has proven to be helpful to ensure a common understanding of Kanban throughout the company.

  • What is Kanban? Where does it come from? How can you use it?
  • Clarify where you start from: What you can build on and what you shou