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Loop Consultancy

Loop helps individuals, groups and organizations to successfully master their professional challenges. Together with our clients we mindfully clarify the respective context, analyse where we are starting from, humbly inquire strengths and problems, co-create tailor-made solutions and help to implement them.  

For us, consulting, training and coaching means professional help by:

  • Applying systemic thinking to see the big picture and agree on an iterative approach to change;
  • Fostering agility by creating clear boundaries, enhancing your mindfulness and shorten your time-to-market;
  • Relying on self-organization and harness the wisdom of your whole enterprise;
  • Creating lean work processes to achieve as much as you can with the least effort you can think of.

Our company’s name mirrors our motto: fast loops of information, feedback and learning to keep all parties involved and inspired on their journey for continuous improvement.