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LOOP is one of the most experienced companies in facilitating agile change. Since 2005 our experts help to co-create organisations that are faster, more responsive and more innovative on their respective markets. This professional help builds on four principles.

Agil means to us

  • recognising relevant changes as soon as possible
  • mindfully responding to these changes
  • adapting current processes to better fit changing environments
  • creating new business opportunities

That is why we propose to “drive on sight“ strategically and operate in short iterations. In turbulent times, regularly inspecting and adapting your way of working is essential. It helps you to continuously learn from your strengths and the problems you have to address.

Lean means to us

  • creating a clear focus
  • building on efficient work flows to maximize customer value 
  • reducing parallel work 
  • minimizing your overhead

In order to improve your organisational processes, you should not just focus on teams and departments but on the bigger picture as well. That is, all value-generating activities from a first business idea to validating how customers actually benefit from the products and services you have delivered.


Self-organising means to us

  • truly believing that experts are able and willing to control their work
  • setting clear boundaries for effective self-organisation
  • providing the necessary know-how by training & coaching
  • finding efficient ways for balancing autonomy and alignment

Results-driven means to us

  • applying agile methods, lean management or self-organisation not for its own purpose
  • using these approaches as means to achieve measurable improvements
  • reliably delivering products and services that fit the needs of customers
  • regularly asking for feedback to learn and foster continuous improvement